A Quick Update For My Locs

Dreadlocs 3 plus updateHey guys, I just wanted to drop by and give you a quick locs update, since I haven’t given you one in a while. As of now, my 3 1/2-year-old locs is doing great. There are no major changes.

My dreads are still looking thick and healthy as usual. The one thing I noticed is that my locs growth seem to slow down a bit. I must admit that I’m guilty of one thing. As of lately, I’ve been so busy over the summer, I kind of slacked up a bit when it comes to massaging my scalp with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil and coconut oil mixture.

Before the summer started, I used to religiously massage my scalp with the oils a couple times a week. I think one of the reasons why I don’t massage my scalp that often, is because the summer is so hot, so I try to keep my dreads in a hairstyle that will keep me cool. When it’s styled, I find myself not getting the chance to oil or massage my scalp that often.

What I do sometimes, is I will use my Afro pick comb to run through the roots of my locs. This is similar to finger massages. You should try this too. Massaging your scalp with this comb leaves your scalp feeling tingly and refreshed. It stimulates hair-growth, while giving you a much needed massage.

Coping With Long Locs in the Hot Summer Months

20170514_194429This year I had to figure out how to cope with my long locs during the hot summer months. Last year, my dreads were a good length, but this year they grew even more because I’ve dedicated myself to taking real good care of them, using Jamaican Black Castor Oil and other hair care regimen in my daily locs maintenance.

Keeping Cool in the Summer With Long Locs

It’s nice to have long locs, but when the time gets hot and you start to sweat more than usual, long hair can become a nuisance. It’s even worse for the guys who have a regular workout routine. Simply gathering your dreads in one and using a strand or two of locs to wrap and lightly tie them in place, can keep your hair away from your skin.

Trendy Locs Hairstyles for Summer

I’ve tried to make wearing long locs in the summer more comfortable by doing a variety of locs hairstyles that keeps my hair away from my skin.

Updos are perfect for the hot months or you can do big braids. Sometimes I do big braids and then wrap them around, using hairpins to keep them in place. The one below is just something simple I did to keep cool.

Big braids with locs and hairpin

Sweaty Locs in the Summer

Another thing that comes with summer and having long locs, is having to wash your hair more frequently than usual. Some people sweat more than others, and sweating in your scalp can cause odor. The fastest solution to get rid of odor from your locs caused by sweating, is to wash your hair.

Keeping Your Locs Moisturized

It is common for many people to complain that their dreads become dry in the summer. This is because your hair is crying out for moisture. I use simple home remedies for locs such as natural Aloe Vera to keep my locs moisturized in the summer.

This simple, yet effective natural remedy locks in the moisture in each strand of loc, preventing dry, brittle dreads. Aloe Vera is also  great for treating dry, itchy scalp, and promote hair growth. For more tips and tricks for summer locs hair care, check out my Dry Locs: Summer Hair Care post.

Locs Maintenance: Cutting Uneven Locs

Cutting uneven locksI have been growing my locs for a little over three years  now. I had been thinking about cutting my dreads to give them a more even look. I finally built up the courage to trim them to get most of them even.

Knowing How to Cut Long Uneven Locs

Cutting your locs to make them even can be tricky, as you don’t want to make them look like you just chopped them off sloppily.

When I started my loc journey, all my locs were looking all uniformed and neat, but over the years, some got a little happy and grew faster than the rest. I always wondered if it was safe to trim them just a little bit.

My biggest concern was that my locs would just unravel and all my hard work would go down the drain. I’m not fussy about the upper half of my head. I just wanted the locs to fall neatly on my shoulders.

How I Cut My Locs To Get Them Even

I separated my locs into two sections just like if I were trying to do a top bun and a bottom bun. I cut one loc to the desired length I wanted and then use it as  a guide to cut the rest. I didn’t cut all the locs in the top bun because most of them were already at the right length.


The Benefits of Cutting My Locs

I must say that I saw amazing results instantly after trimming my locs. They had more life and was super bouncy. The ends of the locs that were cut did feel like little brushes, but they didn’t unravel.

The tips will eventually become round again, but for now I like the new look and feel.

Keep in mind that if your locs are not fully matured, it’s not recommended that you cut the ends. If you do so, you might end up having to start the locking process all over. Mine was fully locked and matured, so there was less risk cutting them.

How to get Round Ends on Locs

After cutting the ends of your locs, to get them back to a round shape quickly, palm roll your dreads all the way to the tips. Regularly palm rolling your hair, especially when damp, will help your ends lock up faster.