Getting Rid of Bumps and Lumps From Locs Safely

Remove bumps and lumps from locsWhen you look at someone’s locs, especially the ones that are fully matured, as in years old, you may notice that the locs are smooth and have very little lumps. How did they get their dreads so smooth? There is a simple trick that will help you achieve that look.

Maturing Locs and  Lumps

Young locs tend to go through different phases when developing. If you wish for smoother dreads, unfortunately, depending on your hair texture, you may have more bumps and lumps than you really care for. This can be reversed over a period of time.

Palm Rolling Away Dreadlocks Lumps and Bumps

A very effective way to get your locs smooth and bump-free, is to palm roll them whenever you are doing a retwist. This will help train the hair to intertwine  smoothly as it grows. This is a safe and effective way to get smooth strands of locs.

Sticking to Your Goal

The palm rolling method may take a while to yield results, but as long as you continue to do it on a regular basis, you will notice that as the new growth appears and your dreads start growing, your locs will be more even and smoother.

Training Your Locs to Reverse Bumps

You may notice that the upper area, starting from the roots, will be smooth, but near to the ends may still have some lumps. This is a sign that your hair is growing the way you trained it, by doing your regular palm rolling.

Rocking Your Natural Lumps and Bumps

Keep in mind that all your locs may not be smooth, but that’s okay. A few loops and lumps is not so bad after all. It just make your dreadlocks take on a more unique look. Think of it as having natural waves.