Locs And Gray Hair: Color or Not to Color?

Whether we are ready to have them or not, gray hair will start to show their appearance at some point in our lives. The decision to color your locs when it starts to gray or to just simply embrace it, is a tough decision for some people.

To Color or Not to Color Your Locs

Some people might just want to age gracefully, others may want to stay away from the chemicals of some hair dyes. Making the decision whether to color the grays in your locs or not, depends on how  you feel about having gray hair. When all is said and done, it is up to you to do what makes you feel good about yourself.

Naturally Color Gray Locs

If you do decide to dye your locs, you can use a natural hair dye, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. There are various different types of hair colors that are derived from natural organic herbs, that  can transform your grays into the desired color you’re looking for.

Slow Down Graying Locs

Although you’re able to color your gray locs, you still have to keep in mind that at some point, it’s going to grow out, so you will have to keep up with it, to keep the grays covered.

Pay attention to your vitamin intake such as folic and other B vitamins. If you are deficient in these vitamins, it can increase your chances of graying at a younger age, unless it’s hereditary. These B vitamins are known to slow down the graying process.

Can You Naturally Reverse Gray Locs?

According to some people, there are special blends of vitamins that are said to naturally reverse gray hair. With anything you’re doing, in order to get great results, there has to be consistency. So, the only way you’ll know if these vitamins can reverse gray hair, is to not give up until your goal is accomplished.

Choosing Color For Your Locs

For those of you who are planning on coloring  the grays in your locs, be sure to do your research first, to avoid any disaster, such as locs breakage or worse. Over-processing is another problem with traditional hair dyes, which can lead to hair-loss. Natural hair dyes are less likely to be a problem, unless you are allergic to it.

Sticking With the Grays

Having gray locs can be beautiful. Some people gray in patches, while others may have streaks or a little here and there. As long as you’re happy and comfortable with your grays, go ahead and rock them. They’re naturally yours.