A Quick Update For My Locs

Dreadlocs 3 plus updateHey guys, I just wanted to drop by and give you a quick locs update, since I haven’t given you one in a while. As of now, my 3 1/2-year-old locs is doing great. There are no major changes.

My dreads are still looking thick and healthy as usual. The one thing I noticed is that my locs growth seem to slow down a bit. I must admit that I’m guilty of one thing. As of lately, I’ve been so busy over the summer, I kind of slacked up a bit when it comes to massaging my scalp with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil and coconut oil mixture.

Before the summer started, I used to religiously massage my scalp with the oils a couple times a week. I think one of the reasons why I don’t massage my scalp that often, is because the summer is so hot, so I try to keep my dreads in a hairstyle that will keep me cool. When it’s styled, I find myself not getting the chance to oil or massage my scalp that often.

What I do sometimes, is I will use my Afro pick comb to run through the roots of my locs. This is similar to finger massages. You should try this too. Massaging your scalp with this comb leaves your scalp feeling tingly and refreshed. It stimulates hair-growth, while giving you a much needed massage.

Almost a Month Wearing Locs – My New Retwist Hairstyle

I am so loving my new locs. They are almost looking like real dreads. Each time I wash my hair and retwist it, they look more like locs and less frizzy. Now that my hair is starting to lock, I am trying to do new hairstyles that will help to change up my looks. Yes! I am feeling much more confident in styling my hair. I just did my second wash yesterday and retwisted my locs. My hairstyle may not be perfect, but it’s a start. You can see the finished style below in the images. Follow along with me on my exciting loc journey. I hope you are enjoying the transition as I am.

Remember not to be scared to wash your locs, as this will help them lock faster. I can see some of mine are ‘budding,’ as they call it. It’s like each strand of loc takes on their own unique form during the locking process. Most people recommend not to retwist your hair too often, but I guess if you are doing the twist really tight, that’s when you can damage your hair. I try not to twist the roots too tight.

I notice that they eventually start locking even when I twist them loosely. If you think about people who do freeform dreadlocks, they don’t do much to their hair except for washing it, and their hair still lock fast on it’s own. It’s amazing! I don’t have perfect parts, not that it matters because only the front of my hair shows the part, and that is only usually when I freshly retwist my hair. Also, remember that the roots of your hair will always be loose because your hair will constantly have new growth.

Second Wash & Retwist – Locs Are Almost a Month Old