Natural Hair: Quick Wash & Go Routine For Locs

Wash day no retwist locsYour locs wash and go routine gets easier as they get more mature. Now that you’re out of the delicate stages of baby locs or the budding stage, washing your hair becomes much more enjoyable. I am past my 3 year anniversary mark of having dreads, and find it much easier to wash and maintain them.

Fun Wash Day for Locs

Washing your locs doesn’t have to be something you fear doing, especially when your dreads get longer. Now that my hair is fully locked, for years now, and it’s grown so much longer, I look forward to wash days. I don’t find myself worrying about retwisting so much like I used to in the beginning.

My Wash and Go Locs Strategy

Before washing my dreads, I like to add some Jamaican Black Castor Oil with extra virgin coconut oil to my hair, starting from my scalp.

I will then massage it thoroughly into my hair, then apply heat to it by using a cordless heat cap to help my hair cuticles open up, so that the hot oils can penetrate my locs. The cordless heat cap helps me to keep multi-tasking chores, since I don’t have time to sit in one place for long.

Dreads Wash Day Routine

I start the washing process by applying shampoo to my hair. To remove the excess oils from your hair, you should use warm water to wash. Gently scrub your scalp with the balls of your fingers to remove any grease or build up from the scalp.

The Right Way to Wash Dreadlocks

I know this might sound really simple to most of you, but there is a right and a wrong way to wash dreads. We cannot wash them the exact same way we do loose hair, whether natural or chemically treated.

Remember that each loc consists of intertwined strands of hair, so since we can’t literally touch those hidden strands, we have to use the squeeze and release technique.

Sectioning Locs on Wash Day

Dirt and buildup can get trapped in these areas, so in order to allow the shampoo to dissolve those buildup, you have to wash your locs a certain way. The best way to wash your locs is to separate your hair in sections and firmly hold a section, while squeezing and releasing the section of dreads.

This is similar to how you would wash a piece of sponge. This squeeze and release motion forces the shampoo through your locs, which helps it to attack dirt and grime.

No to Wringing Wet Locs

I know it is tempting to just wring/twist out the water from your hair, so that it can dry quicker, but if you want healthy, strong locs, please do not wring your locs. The best way to remove the water out of your hair, is to squeeze it out using the above method, rather than wringing it out.

Conditioner for Locs or Not

I love to put conditioner in my dreads after washing it. When I just started my locs journey, I was scared to put conditioner in my hair because I heard that it was not good for locs, but eventually I realize that nothing was wrong with conditioning your dreads, especially deep conditioning. This helps my hair to retain moisture, keeping it soft and beautiful.


Dreadlocks Hairdo: Making Your Locs Look Professional

When your dreadlocks are short, you may find it hard to style your hair, but as it starts to grow longer, it becomes much easier to do a variety of hairstyles to suit any occasion.

Many people think locs are not suitable to wear in the workplace or to an interview, for example, but that is definitely not so. You can still look professional wearing dreads. Yes, we locs lovers can dress for the occasion just like anybody else.

Pamper Your Locs

As you may already know, over-styling your hair can lead to bald edges or other damage to your locs, so you should choose your hairdos wisely. I normally give my hair a break from styling every other week. One week I’ll wear my locs loose and the other week, I’ll retwist it and style it. This way I’m not putting too much strain on my roots and edges.

Good Diet for Healthier Dreadlocks

Keeping your dreads healthy and strong can help to eliminate damage to the delicate strands of locs. Natural hair needs as much care as other types of chemical enhanced hair, otherwise you may find that your locs will start to get thinner as time goes by. Keeping your hair in good condition also depends on your diet. Vitamins are also essential for faster growth and beautiful flowing locs.

Wearing Locs in The Workplace

People who are thinking about getting locs most times worry about how they will fit in with their co-workers. I will tell you that at first when you have starter locs, depending on your hair type, it may be more difficult to keep your hair looking neat and professional, but as your locs starts to mature, it becomes less frizzy and more easy to do a variety of hairdos.

Days When You Feel Like Giving up on Your Locs

I’ve had my days when my hair was so frizzy and dull, and I just felt like it was never going to look right, but now I love my hair so much. It just keeps getting thicker and longer. I can now do many of the styles that I always wanted to do.

I’ve even noticed that I am getting more compliments on my dreads, even from the those who used to look down on dreadlocks as unkempt or dirty. Keep putting in the work and you will see great results in due time.

The Stigma of Wearing Dreadlocks

A misconception that I would really like people to change, is the idea that because we have dreads, we don’t wash our hair or it’s supposed to be raggedy and smelly. It’s hard not to be rude when you are asked that question, but I just try to tell myself that I need to educate them about wearing locs instead of insulting them. 

Hold Your Head up High

Since I’ve started my locs journey, I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve taken better care of my natural hair than I used to when it was permed. And the great thing about it is that I feel really proud to say that my hair is all natural, and still looks beautiful. For all of you who are wearing dreadlocks, wear them proudly. The more love you put into taking care of them, the more healthy your hair will look.


Ten Months Loc Journey Update – Growing Dreads

dreadlocks 10 month updateI know I haven’t been giving regular updates on my locs journey, but here I am. It’s better to be late than never. I’ll give you a quick little update on my 10-months locs journey.

My Not So Perfect Hair Days

I have been through the frizzy locs period and the frustrations, but I am glad that I didn’t give up. My dreadlocks are growing so beautifully right now. I am amazed at how thick they have gotten over the past months. If you look at my previous post: Almost a Month Wearing Locs – My New Retwist Hairstyle, you can see the difference in the texture of my hair as well as the length.

Noticeable Changes as Dreads Mature

As your locs mature and starts to lock, you will notice some shrinkage in your hair, but as time goes by, the length will start to show.  My ends are looking so much better these days and my hair is looking more like locs.

A Word of Encouragement During Transitioning

One thing I’ve also experienced during my journey of growing dreadlocks, is that not everyone will approve of your transition, but that is another story for another post. All I can say is that I am loving my hair right now and I would encourage you to not give up. It will get better as your dreads mature, and with proper care.

Here are a few of my photos that I have taken recently. I am still dealing with the fuzz, but at least I can try new styles without worrying that my hair is going to unravel.