Celebrating My 4-Year Locs Anniversary

Finally, I’ve reached another exciting milestone in my locs journey. Yes, my 4 years locs anniversary is here, and I am celebrating it by pampering my hair, including getting a scalp massage, retwist, and a different hairstyle.

As the year draws to an end, I look back on my journey and have seen tremendous growth, and knowledge. It is amazing how far I’ve come from this …

Almost a month old dreads





To this, 4 years later.


I can tell you that it was not always easy. There were times when I was questioning myself about whether I should quit the journey, but when I looked at the pros and the cons of having dreads, the pros outweighed the cons, so I decided to continue on my journey.

Many of you may be facing the same situation as we speak. Maybe you are considering locs for this upcoming new year, but you need a little guidance, or encouragement.

Going Through the Different Stages of Locs

At first, your hair may not look like what you want it to look like. There is the starter stages or baby locs stage, budding, locking, etc.

Your locs will transform into their own individual look. It’s like a work of art, and that’s what makes it so unique and special. You just have to learn to embrace the uniqueness of your dreads.

Ignoring Mean Comments During Early Locs Stages

You will encounter a lot of negative comments or stereotypical comments from people about having locs, but don’t let that stop you from doing what you want. At the end of the day, it’s your hair and your life.

Looking Presentable for Work With Dreads

Some workplaces my not allow you to have dreadlocks. Others may be more lenient, as long as you keep your hair neat and presentable. Having locs shouldn’t stop you from having a good job. There are so may ways to style your dreads professionally.

Locs and A Healthier Body

Another great thing about my locs journey, is that I find myself eating more natural food and using natural skincare products. I can see a huge improvement in the health of my skin, compared to when I used to use traditional skincare products.

Eating Healthy And Locs 2018

You see, having locs for me is not just about my hair. It opens up a lot of other doors to eating healthy and living healthier. Your overall health comes into play here. I find myself making fresh juices, and drinking less of the store-bought juices.

I know we sometimes get carried away with just buying hair products and ignoring the fact that we need to eat healthy and exercise too, in order to have beautiful locs. Yes, what you put in your body does affect the health of your hair.

Keeping fit and healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. You can set aside a few minutes to do your exercise, whether it’s at the gym, or using a home gym. Make a difference this new year by taking both the health of your hair and body, in your own hands.

Choosing Locs and Natural Hair & Beauty Gift Sets

Gift Set for Men If you are a naturalist or you have loved ones who are, you may be wondering what would be the perfect gift for them this holiday season. Here is a variety of natural oils, hair products and more, that are perfect for gift giving.

Natural Gift Sets

Some people would rather get something natural, even if it’s not expensive, than to get an expensive gift that will just sit around and gather dust. Finding the right choice of gifts for someone who have locs or natural hair, for example, is not that difficult. The only challenging part is finding high-quality natural gifts.

Moisturizing Gift Sets

Moisturizing your locs or natural hair is paramount, and at some point the moisturizing oils are going to run out. You can give your loved one a special gift set of natural oils this Christmas. There is no doubt that they would greatly appreciate it.

Christmas Natural Beauty Gift Sets

Natural beauty gift sets are also a must this holiday season. Christmas preparation can leave you drained and tired, trying to get all the last-minute shopping done. What better way to relax and pamper yourself or give someone the gift of pampering,  than using natural organic oils.

Natural Gift Sets for Men

Don’t forget that special man in your life. This year, choose a natural grooming gift set. Show him how special he is and how you appreciate him. Your gift set may consist of natural organic beard oil, natural conditioners for hair, mustache, etc.

Loving Your Locs: The Secret to Beautiful Long Locs

long thick locsI still can’t believe how far I’ve come along this journey of growing my locs. I’m almost at the 4 year mark of my locs anniversary. I know some people thought I was going to cut them off by now, but to their disappointment, I didn’t. I’m still learning as I trod along this journey, and I’m excited to share my newfound knowledge with you.

I must admit that the older my locs get, the more easier they are to maintain. I don’t have much loose hair anymore, because I normally palm roll them whenever I do my retwist.

Caring For Your Locs

To keep them healthy and strong, you just have to be consistent with your locs maintenance, and never ever neglect them. My locs will let me know if I start to ignore them, meaning not taking good care of them. Yes, it will start to show in the texture, color, and hair growth will slow down.

Neglecting Your Locs Shows

Sometimes I do get super busy and therefore, slack up a bit on my locs maintenance. When this happens, I can see a drastic change in the appearance of my hair. That is why I always try to have my Jamaican Black Castor Oil ready, to get my dreads bouncing back to life. Yes, I always try not to run out completely.

Older Locs

The older my locs get, the less I have to pop them at the roots, unless you wash them and leave them untwisted for a certain period of time. If you don’t separate the roots, they will just grow into each other similar to freeform dreads. That’s perfectly fine if you’re going for that look.

Brushing Your Dreadlocks

Brushing the roots of your locs can help keep the roots separated, and give your scalp the needed stimulation to encourage hair growth. However, I wouldn’t recommend brushing your hair when it’s wet, to avoid breakage from the roots.

Brushing your dreads when doing your regular locs maintenance, is also effective in getting rid of any debris that may be trapped in your locs. If you don’t remove them, they will just stay there and become part of your dreads. Choosing the right hair brush is also essential for best results.

Satin Sleep Cap for Locs

locs covered with satin sleep capCovering your dreadlocks at nights is an important part of keeping your locs  healthy and beautiful for years to come. Use a satin sleep cap, to protect your hair while you snooze at nights. Wearing a satin sleep cap also helps to retain moisture, prevent hair breakage, help with locs growth, and keep your hairstyle on fleek.