Locs Maintenance: 5 Tips For a Perfect Retwist

Retwisting your locs is a natural part of locs maintenance. Unless you have freeform locs, you will most likely want to retwist your hair after washing it. Here are five tips for a perfect retwist.

How to Get Professional Looking Retwist

Washing Locs: First things first, before you even think about retwisting your locs, you need to make sure that it is clean. Always use a good shampoo to wash thoroughly to remove any buildup. Consider using a deep conditioner to prevent or restore damaged hair.

Palm rolling Locs: When retwisting, using the palm roll method can be quite effective. When you palm roll, the new growth starts out smooth and continues to grow in a smooth pattern without any knots.

Retwist Direction: Always make sure that you are retwisting your locs in the exact direction it was originally twisted, for example, counterclockwise. Doing it the opposite way your starter locs were created, will prevent it from locking correctly and tightly.

Rewisting Locs Carefully: If your locs are matured or you had them for years, by now you should know how much hard work it is to get them to where they are. Therefore, it is imperative that you don’t overtwist them and avoid putting too much strain on delicate areas such as the hairline, because over a period of time, your locs will start to break.

Drying Your Locs: After retwisting, drying is the next step. You can use a hair dryer or hair bonnet to keep you retwist firmly in place. However, do not use too much heat. It’s recommended that you put your dryer on the medium setting instead of on high. This is to prevent heat damage to your dreads.