Dry Locs: Summer Hair Care for Ultimate Moisture

Dreadlocks cover to lock in moisture
Cover Locs While You Sleep

If you are new to dreadlocks, this may be your first summer since getting them. Those of you who are not new to locs may still need some summer hair care tips to prevent dry hair. With a few simple techniques you can help retain moisture, keeping your locs soft, shiny, and beautiful.

Deep Cleaning Your Locs

Before you can achieve soft shiny locs, you have to make sure that they are clean, so the first thing you need to do is to give them a good wash, using a natural organic shampoo.

If you really want to naturally get out all the dirt and grime out of your hair, a simple tip is to use baking soda and apple cider vinegar. This natural solution will help to remove the leftovers that the shampoo didn’t clean. This rinse is also great for getting rid of dry itchy scalp.

Deep Conditioning Your Dreadlocks

To prevent your locs from becoming dry in the summer, deep condition your hair to repair dry, damaged hair, as well as lock in the moisture. For best results, use a natural deep conditioner. This will help retain moisture and keep your hair looking fresh, clean, with a beautiful sheen. Without the use of chemicals, your hair will have time to restore itself to good health.

Do-it-yourself Aloe Vera Deep Conditioning

20170625_094144If you have aloe vera at home, you don’t have to go out and buy any conditioner. You can simply make your own from this succulent plant.

Slice it and carefully scrape out the gel from the inside, then apply it to your scalp and locs, cover your hair with a shower or steam cap, and let it sit for maybe 20 to 30 minutes.

sliced aloe vera20170625_094314




Aloe vera is known to control frizz and maintain sheen, so this is a great remedy for those who would like to see their dreadlocks with a little less frizz.

Rinsing Your Locs – Cold Water Vs Warm

You can wash your hair with warm water, but it is recommended that you use cold or cool water to rinse it. The warm water will open your cuticles so that the shampoo can seep into each strand of locs, and dissolve the grime and dirt.

Using the cold water after washing your locs will ensure that the cuticles are sealed, locking in the moisture, which is critical in the hot summer months. It is also a good way to hold down those loose hair that makes your locs look super frizzy.

A Natural Spritz for Softer Locs in the Summer

Get yourself a spray bottle or you may already have one in your hair care kit. Summer months call for regular spritz with a mixture of oils and water to keep your dreadlocks looking lively and moisturized. Don’t add too much oil to the water. Just maybe a few drops of your favorite natural oil. When you’re ready for a spritz, just shake and spray away, and you’re good to go.

Covering Locs to Retain Moisture

At nights before bed, get in the habit of covering your locs to prevent breakage and dryness, while locking in moisture. Another thing you have to watch out for, is the fabric that can get stuck in your locs. It’s best to use a dreadlocks sleep cap, which is specifically designed to protect the full length of your hair.