Healthy Dreads: Daily Maintenance of My Locs

dreadlocks essential oils
Nourishing Oils for Locs

Since I start growing locs, I take daily maintenance of my locs seriously. Therefore, I make it my duty to do whatever it takes to keep my hair looking its best. I am way past starter locs stage, so there is no reason to walk around with unkempt hair. Well, except for those days when I just feel like going for the messy look, which is not always a bad thing. Stick around to see how I care for my dreads on a daily basis.

Keeping My Locs Hydrated

I keep a spray bottle handy with some water and my favorite oils. In addition to the oils that I choose, I like to also drop a few drops of peppermint oil in it to eliminate odor from my hair. Every day I spray some of the mixture on my dreadlocks and then massage it in. As you may already know, oil and water won’t stay mixed unless you shake the spray bottle as you are about to spray it in your hair.

spray bottle with oils for dreads
Spray Bottle






I generally spray my hair with the water and essential oils mixture two times per day. I’ll do it in the morning and in the night. Spraying it at night a few minutes before tying it with a scarf, helps to keep my hairstyle in place and looking great the next morning.

Hydrating locs with essential oil and water
Spraying Locs for Hydration




Nourishing My Scalp

Don’t forget to moisturize your scalp. That is the root of success. I use my favorite oil—which a lot of you who already read my previous blog posts may already know—to massage my scalp. I may massage it every other day or so. Some oils are thick and sticky, so you may want to mix them together to give them a smoother texture.

The  Benefits of Scalp Massage

After doing my scalp massage for a while now, I’ve noticed the difference in my locs. They seem to be more thicker, longer, and richer looking, compared to when I wasn’t doing it on a regular basis.

Massage your hairline to help grow bald edges fast. Some people have seen great results in as little as two weeks.

All of this is great, but don’t forgot to pay attention to what you put in your body as well. Maintaining a natural healthy lifestyle will enhance the beauty of your locs, while making your hair grow faster.

Covering My Locs at Night

To prevent breakage and to lock in moisture in my dreads, I typically tie my hair at nights before going to bed. This is also great for preventing pieces of lint or other debris from getting trapped in your locs.

Choosing the Right Cover for Your Locs

Choose something such as a Du Rag that won’t slip off while you’re sleeping. I love the one you see me wearing in the image below. You can use the extra length at the back to rap around your dreads if they are long. These are the basic  steps I use to keep for regular dreadlocks maintenance.

Du Rag
Tying My Locs at Night