Odor Control – Keeping Your Locs Smelling Fresh

Having beautiful, fresh smelling locs requires some basic maintenance, which you can do at home, using some simple haircare techniques. I have my locs now for 15 months, and have learned a lot about taking care of them. I am excited to pass on some of the great information that I learned along the way. Here are a few of the tips that I use to keep my hair smelling clean, and free from mildew or mold.

Drying Your Locs Properly

When you are just beginning your starter locs, you will find that it dries very quickly after washing it. This is most likely because your hair is not yet locked. During the baby stages of locking your hair, the strands are not yet intertwined, therefore, air can easily pass through them. However, as your locs starts to mature and grow, it will need more time to dry out all the water that has accumulated.

Always make sure that you dry your dreads thoroughly using a clean lint-free towel or hair dryer. Gently squeeze a few locs, especially the ones that are in the middle or the back, to make sure there is no excess water. You should never tie your hair when it is still wet, as this will cause a build-up of mold or mildew.

Once this happen, you may end up having a hard time getting rid of it, or even more worse, may have to cut your hair. We all know how much hard work we locs lovers have to put in to get it to the beautiful stage that it is, so this would be the last thing we would want to happen.

Get Rid of Odor From Locs

Do you want to know my secret for keeping my locs smelling fresh all the time? I bet you do. I simply just add a few drops of my favorite essential oil in a spray bottle with some water. I don’t know if you know this already, but locs love water, so adding some oils to water and spraying your hair with it daily, is the perfect solution. This helps to keep your hair smelling fresh and looking soft and beautiful.

Well, my favorite oil is peppermint. Sometimes I add a few more oils to it as well. I love the smell of it and the tingling sensation in my scalp. There is also an added benefit when you use peppermint essential oil to massage your scalp. It helps to stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth.

I noticed that after spraying my locs with a mixture or peppermint oil and water, it eliminates odor and keeps my hair smelling fresh for the day.  Check out my other blog posts to see my loc journey, and stay tuned for more great tips!

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