Ten Months Loc Journey Update – Growing Dreads

dreadlocks 10 month updateI know I haven’t been giving regular updates on my locs journey, but here I am. It’s better to be late than never. I’ll give you a quick little update on my 10-months locs journey.

My Not So Perfect Hair Days

I have been through the frizzy locs period and the frustrations, but I am glad that I didn’t give up. My dreadlocks are growing so beautifully right now. I am amazed at how thick they have gotten over the past months. If you look at my previous post: Almost a Month Wearing Locs – My New Retwist Hairstyle, you can see the difference in the texture of my hair as well as the length.

Noticeable Changes as Dreads Mature

As your locs mature and starts to lock, you will notice some shrinkage in your hair, but as time goes by, the length will start to show.  My ends are looking so much better these days and my hair is looking more like locs.

A Word of Encouragement During Transitioning

One thing I’ve also experienced during my journey of growing dreadlocks, is that not everyone will approve of your transition, but that is another story for another post. All I can say is that I am loving my hair right now and I would encourage you to not give up. It will get better as your dreads mature, and with proper care.

Here are a few of my photos that I have taken recently. I am still dealing with the fuzz, but at least I can try new styles without worrying that my hair is going to unravel.




9 thoughts on “Ten Months Loc Journey Update – Growing Dreads”

    1. Hi Kenny. How long your hair will take to lock really depends on the texture and length. Softer hair will take longer to lock. Typically dreads will usually start to “bud” or lock within 3 to 4 months. For some people it might take longer than that.

    2. As for washing your hair, I would say it’s safe to wash it at least 2 weeks after first starting your locs. Since you’re a month in already, you could do it now.

  1. Hello. I am on my 3rd year with my loc journey and have noticed a drastic difference my hair’s thickness. They are pretty much half the size that they initially were. Seeing as how my initial goal was the have thick locs, this is very disappointing. I cannot get to the cause of this althought I have a few theories:

    *I went too long without retwisting. I used to get them done every 3-4 weeks, but decided to freeform so I went about 3-4 months. I used to have large parts/sections, as this equals more hair going into the dread, but I have noticed that the sections are REALLY small. Idk if this was done by the loctitian out of confusion due to so much new growth, or if it is normal for the sections of my hair to get smaller as my locs mature

    *I wear my hair up too much. I don’t like the feeling of hair on my neck so until about 6 months ago, my hair was ALWAYS up

    *I do not cover my hair at night

    *I pulled hair out of my dreads. When I was attempting to freeform, I found myself playing in my hair A LOT. I pulled hair of my already formed dreads and also experienced some hair loss at the roots.

    Is there any way to fix this problem without combining locs? I want my hair to go back to the way it was before I was neglectful.


    1. Hi Dandra. Unfortunately, the older your locs get, they tend to get thinner. I think this also happens when your locs starts to really grow longer. However, you can get back thick locs if you use different oils such as castor oil. I have a lot of newer posts with different tips to treat thinning locs.

  2. Hello, I started my locs in July 2017 freeform the back has locked nicely but the few at the front of my hair is not locking.
    Also each time I wash my hair I have to keep separating the roots
    So I decided to interlock my hair not tightly very lightly and not right at my roots either .
    I wont be going back to interlocking my hair this was just to help me stop popping my roots .
    I still have the frizzy hairs around the locs ,will those hairs eventually lock in over time ?
    As I do not want to get them crocheted in .
    And will my roots start clumping together again? (which I don’t think they will cause I washed my hair and they are still separated )
    Can you please advise me .

    1. Hi Debbie, as your locs get mature, you will start to notice that the loose hair will naturally lock into place. To help with the frizzy hair, you can try palm rolling. This is the technique I use, and I’ve noticed that it helps to also prevent clumping of the roots.

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