My Crown of Dreadlocks: Stronger Roots

The more my dreadlocks grow, the more I’m adoring them. I’ve passed the 2 1/2 years mark and can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the years ahead. I’ve come a long way with them. How I achieved stronger roots has a lot to do with the products that I use and how consistent I am.

Does Older Locs Need Less Care?

At the moment they don’t need that much maintenance such as twisting like they used to need before.Washing my locs is much more fun than when they were in the baby stage “starter locs” since I don’t have to worry about re-twisting right away. I believe that keeping them clean and moisturizing them for ultimate hydration is critical to keeping your dreads soft, healthy, and strong.

Finding What Works for Your Dreadlocks

My hair care regimen includes a lot of different trial and errors until I found the things that works best for me, which can be found in my previous posts such as the Dry Locs: Summer Hair Care for Ultimate Moisture. You’ll never know what works for your dreads until you try. What can even be more rewarding is when you are able to share some of your tips with someone else who is growing locs.

Avoiding Thin, Weak Dreadlocks

One of the worst things that could happen to you while growing your dreadlocks, is if they start getting thinner, eventually resulting in breakage, especially from the roots. You can avoid this pitfall by not neglecting your hair. My advice is to create a daily hair-care routine, and stick to it.

Lazy People and Locs: Common Myth

Some people think that we just get locs to be lazy, but in fact, locs lovers tend to take even more care of our hair when it’s locked than when we had traditional hair. A majority of us are always researching and looking for ways to take care of our hair, in order to maintain its health and beauty. You being here on this page proves that this statement is true.

Learning as Your Locs Grow

The older my dreads get, the more I want to learn about taking the best care of them. If I see someone with long, beautiful locs, I usually strike up a conversation with them to find out some of their tips and tricks. That’s one way I can make researching easier.

I’ve learned so much information over the past 2 1/2 years, and it’s a pleasure sharing my knowledge with you. Keep checking back for more new tips and to follow my locs journey.