Top Pick Skin Aging Home Remedies

Skin aging can come a little too prematurely for some people. There is nothing wrong with aging. Who doesn’t want to age gracefully? Many things can cause skin aging such as stress, too much sun exposure, smoking, alcohol consumption and lack of quality sleep. You can prevent skin aging by changing your lifestyle. It is not easy for most people to change their lifestyle — not overnight — but until you reach that place in your life, where you can truly say that you have changed, here is something to reduce skin aging.

Yogurt for Skin Aging

Yogurt is full of nutrients and is a well known anti aging remedy. Yogurt helps to tighten the skin, moisturize the skin, reduce pores, heal acne and leave the skin looking younger and fresher. Purchase the plain yogurt and try these methods. For skin aging, apply yogurt to the face — gently massaging it — leave for 15-20 minutes. Use warm water to wash the face, and pat dry.

Another Skin Aging Remedy

For facial rejuvenation, combine 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of lemon juice and a cup of plain yogurt with live cultures. Mix these ingredients together, then use your fingertips to slowly massage it into the face. Leave it for 20 minutes for it to treat skin aging. Wash the face with warm water, then use cool water to splash the face so that the pores will close back up. For outstanding anti aging results, do this each week. You will be getting compliments about how fresh and younger your face look. Try it for yourself!


Get well with Dandelion: a Herbal Healing Remedy

Herbal healing remedies are natural alternatives to medication. People are now turning to herbal remedies to bring relief to many illnesses that medication may not be able to treat. In ancient days, people practiced herbal healing remedies with various herbs, which they planted in their yard. Herbs are safe when used correctly. Dandelion is an effective herbal healing remedy, often used to treat high blood pressure.

Dandelion For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or “Hypertension” affects about 1 in 3 people in America. Some people who have high blood pressure may not be aware of it. This is a dangerous disease and is known to be the “Silent Killer,” that is why it is important to get it checked and keep it under control.

Dandelion, which is a part of the Asteraceae family is a powerful herbal plant, with many health benefits. The leaves, roots and flowers have been used in the Chinese culture as a medicinal herbal remedy for many years. Dandelion can be found growing wild in some areas as well as sold in health food stores. Make dandelion tea by pouring one cup of hot water over 1-2 tsp of dried dandelion leaves. Let it steam for 10 minutes, then drink. You may drink this 2 times daily. Be sure to consult your physician before using herbal remedies, to avoid interaction with any medication that you are taking.

Home Remedies For Nausea-Quick Relief

Nausea during pregnancy usually occur in the first trimester and tapers off around the third trimester. Most women would rather to take home remedies for nausea instead of medication. Nausea can put a damper on the excitement of expecting a child. Some women suffer from nausea and vomiting mostly in the morning, while others have to endure it throughout the day. Apply these simple nausea cures for quick relief.

Lemon Juice for Nausea

Drink lemon juice to relieve the discomfort. For quick relief from nausea, wash and slice a lemon or lime. Lime flavor is not as strong as lemon, so if strong flavors trigger your nausea, you may consider using lime instead. Squeeze the juice in a glass of water and drink it whenever you feel nauseous. Lemon is one for the oldest and effective home remedies for nausea — not to mention the refreshing flavor.


Ginger is one of the most used home remedies for nausea. It has been commonly used as a folk remedy for nausea in ancient times. When ginger is consumed, it has a calming effect on the stomach. To cure nausea, grate or crush a piece of ginger and boil it for 2-3 minutes. Sweeten with honey or sugar and drink warm or as a cool beverage.