Rose Water: The Secret to Naturally Toning Skin and Treating Acne

Rose water for skinI’ve used rose water for baking, and loved the delicate taste of roses, but never knew it had so many skin benefits until recently. Yes, rose water has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, that’s why many dermatologists recommend using it to treat skin disorders such as acne, rosacea, eczema, dry and irritated skin, etc.

Rose Water Positive Skin Results

Since I’ve started using organic rose water on my skin, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my face. It’s more hydrated and softer, having a more toned look.

A Younger You With Rose Water

Rose water is not only best known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, but it’s also great for keeping your face looking younger. You will notice after using this natural skin treatment, that your face will become tighter and appear much more younger.

Rose Water as a Natural Acne Skin Treatment

Many people spend hundreds of dollars each year, trying to find a skin treatment that will get rid of their acne, but to no avail. Little do they know that the simple, yet effective organic rose water is the answer to their problems. It’s cost-effective and thanks to technology, it’s also easily accessible.

Skin Cleansing and Toning with Rose Water

It is also great to use as a cleanser. It’s mild enough to be used to clean dirt and grime for the pores without drying the moisture from your skin. As a matter of fact, it adds moisture to your skin, leaving it glowing, healthy, and beautiful.

Remove Skin Redness with Rose Water

If you have skin redness because of too  much sun exposure or caused from other skin problems such as rosacea, give rose water a try. Just make sure you buy 100% pure natural rosewater, to get the full benefits. It is critical that you get the right product, to ensure that your delicate skin is not damaged from low quality products.

Rose Water as a Mood Enhancer

Working long hours can be rough on our mood sometimes. Rose water once again comes in handy to use to revive your mood. Its mild smell is enough to get you back on track.

PMS Natural Relief

For those of you who suffer from unbearable PMS symptoms, which includes mood swings, and menstrual cramps, rose water is known to naturally relieve those symptoms. Also, use it to lift your mood if you suffer from depression or anxiety.


Coconut Oil: A Natural Way to Zap Yeast Infection

Today you will never look at coconut oil the same again. This delicious nut is packed with many health benefits, including getting rid of yeast infection. This is no surprise, since coconut oil has natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, as well as anti-viral properties.

Other Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

The great thing about using coconut oil as a natural home remedy, is that as long as you’re not allergic to coconut, it can be used both internally and externally.

For example, many seniors take coconut oil internally to help boost their memory. It is also known to help slow down the progression of dementia/Alzheimer’s. Also, coconut oil is beneficial for people with autism.

If you want to keep your skin looking tight and young, using coconut oil on your skin is a natural way to do so. With its anti-bacterial properties, it can help get rid of pimples, while providing moisture to your skin, keeping it soft and radiant.

Stopping Yeast Infection in its Tracks

The best way to treat yeast infection with coconut oil, is to treat it as soon as you start to notice the early warning signs. Those usually include itching, irritation, swelling, and a white thick discharge.

The Best Type of Coconut Oil for Yeast Infection

To get optimal results, it is recommended that you use organic cold-pressed coconut oil to treat your yeast infection. This way you are getting the maximum benefits, which promotes healing at a faster rate.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Yeast Infection

If you are looking for a natural alternative to get rid of yeast infection, apply coconut oil to the affected area. Apply the oil at least two times a day. If you are out and about, the best thing to do to prevent oil spots, is to wear a pantyliner.

Tip of the Day

Cut your yeast infection healing time in half by inserting the coconut oil vaginally. Want to know the trick? Pour some of the oil in a zip-lock bag, just enough to make the width about half of an inch. Fold the bag and lay it flat in your freezer, then give it some time to freeze.

When you’re ready to insert it, break of a piece and use it. This should be done preferably at night just before you go to sleep. Remember to wear a sanitary napkin or a pantyliner to catch the oil.

Depending on the severity of the infection, you may have to repeat the process for three or more days before it clears up. This is a soothing, no stress natural remedy for a yeast infection.

These home remedies are not to be used as a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Please consult your physician, pharmacist or health care provider before using the home remedies on this website.

Graviola Review: My Experience With Soursop Leaves Tea

soursop leaves tea benefitsI have known soursop, which is also known as Graviola, Annona muricata, or Guanabana, for many years. We used to use the fruit to make a nice smoothie type drink, which was a traditional Sunday dinner drink. The leaves were also used to make tea. Little did I know that this same prickly fruit and its leaves, bark, and seeds would be widely recognized today for its powerful medicinal purposes.

How it All Started

My interest in soursop leaves peaked one day when I visited a Caribbean store and saw them selling dried soursop leaves in little bags. Although I knew they could make tea, I didn’t know about the many cancer cure stories that were circulating around on the internet, as well as other health benefits.

I started doing some real research and found that these simple looking leaves, according to other people’s testimonials, can treat more than cancer, but also diabetes, arthritis, chronic headaches, nerves problem, high blood pressure, etc.

Trying The Soursop Leaves Tea

My love for natural herbal remedies lead me down a path to try some of these soursop leaves again. I hadn’t had these in years, and when I did drink it, I usually use just maybe three leaves. I got some of the leaves, about seven leaves and boiled them for about 10-15 minutes. I liked the soothing smell of the tea while it was boiling.

After I finished boiling the tea, I covered the pot and let it sit for a while. The first time I made the tea, I used sugar, but after my extensive research, I decided that I was going to drink it like water after it was cooled.

soursop leaves teaI did notice that I felt relaxed and a little sleepy. I didn’t think anything of it, until I boiled more leaves the following day, about 15. The tea was more darker and it helped me sleep better that night. The taste didn’t really match the smell. It’s almost tasteless. Just a hint of taste, at least for me, but don’t let the tastelessness fool you. This is some powerful natural remedy.

Sleeping Better at Nights With Soursop Leaves Tea

The soursop leaves tea is also great for people who suffer from insomnia. It calms you and releases the tension in your body almost instantly. It can be used to calm your nerves, especially if you suffer from anxiety.

Soursop Leaves Tea for Pain

I injured my knees slightly while exercising last year, and the pain would come and go, mostly at nights. Since I started drinking the soursop leaves tea, the pain in my knee is barely noticeable. I just feel a slight soreness rather than the terrible pain I used to feel.

The Many Benefits of Soursop Leaves Tea

There are so many health benefits from this natural plant that God has created. It is so amazing how simple things such as a few leaves can treat and  maybe even cure certain diseases. I will continue to drink my soursop juice and drink the tea made from leaves, to help boost my immune system, and keep my body in good health.

How to Buy Soursop Leaves or the Fruit

I see the fruit from time to time in Caribbean stores. They are usually $4 and change per pound. A little pricey, but worth the money. The soursop leaves are more easily accessible, since you can get them shipped to your home without worrying about growing the tree yourself.

These home remedies are not to be used as a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Please consult your physician, pharmacist or health care provider before using the home remedies on this website.