Nourish and Grow Your Dreads With the Right Shampoo

I’m always aware of the smell of my hair, that’s why I try to keep my dreads clean at all times. Washing your locs on a regular basis is not only essential for keeping them healthy and beautiful, but it’s also to prevent bad odors. Choosing a shampoo or soap can be a bit tricky, because dreadlocks are unique and need specific types of shampoos to keep them healthy.

Residue-free Shampoo for Dreads

Locs absorb things more easily than natural or other types of hair, therefore, it is recommended that you use a residue-free shampoo or natural shampoos, or even bar soaps for dreads. This way, when you wash your hair, all the residue will be removed, which will prevent build-up in your locs. Residue-free shampoos may also prevent or get rid of dandruff.

Benefits of Residue-free Shampoo on Dreads

When you wash your dreads with residue-free shampoo, you can immediately feel the cleanness all the way to your scalp.  You might notice that residue-free shampoos don’t necessarily have to leave a strong scent in your hair. This does not mean that you didn’t get a deep-cleansed wash. In fact, that strong fragrance that’s left behind is an indication that residues are still locked away in the strands of your locs.

Growing and Restoring Your Locs

Whether you are just starting your dreadlocks or have them for years, you may want to stimulate your locs so that they can grow faster. Choosing certain dreadlocks shampoos with natural oils and herbs, can increase the growth rate of your hair. Over a period of time, you will see the difference in the the appearance of your locs, as you give them the nourishment that they need.

Organic Soap Bars for Washing Locs

If you want to try something other than shampoo for your locs, you can also try natural dreadlock shampoo bar soaps. These bar soaps are just as good as the shampoos, and may even last you a longer time, since some will give a richer lather. Just like the shampoo, they are enriched with natural herbs and oils, without the added chemicals.

The Right Way to Wash Dreads

There’s a slight difference in washing your locs than the traditional hair. Try imagine washing sponge. You would gently massage the shampoo in your scalp and locs. When rinsing, do not wring your dreads, but instead, squeeze the water out of your hair.

Always remember that an important part of your locs-care regimen should include regular washing with the right shampoo. Giving your dreads attention and care, will result in stronger, healthier dreadlocks for years to come.


Achieve Soft Flowing Dreads With Hot Oil Treatment

Your head of locs can be pampered with an occasional hot oil treatment to maintain a healthy sheen. If you struggle with dry damaged dreads, treat your hair to restore its health. There is no reason why you can’t use hot oil treatment like you used to before you locked your hair. The warmth from the oil opens up the cuticles, so that the nutrients can seep in. If you haven’t given your dreads a deep conditioning in a while, this is perfect way to start.

Moisturize Your Dreadlocks With Hot Oil Treatment

The nutrients you feed your hair with, actually shows by the way your hair looks. It’s inexpensive and effective, so get your hot oil treatment done ASAP. The sooner, the better. You will immediately see the benefits as your hair come alive. It doesn’t take much time to apply the oil to your hair. The rest of the work is done while you go about your normal routine.

What Type of Oil to Use for a Hot Oil Treatment on Dreadlocks?

It is important that you choose the oil that you will be using as an hot oil treatment on your locs very carefully. If you don’t have a hot oil treatment readily available, you can use oils that you may already have at home such as olive oil, Jamaican Black castor oil or coconut oil. You can mix castor oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, and use that as your hot oil treatment.

The Right Way to Use Hot Oil Treatment on Locs

All you need to do is to warm the oil, making sure not to make it too hot. To avoid burning yourself, test a small amount of the oil on the back of your hand before putting it on your scalp. Massage the oil onto all of your scalp and put some on your locs too.

How to Lock in the Heat From the Hot Oil

Next, you’re going to cover your entire head with a well-fitted shower cap. You can wrap a warm towel around the shower cap, or just sit under a hair dryer for a while. Here’s another great idea you can try if your dreads are super long and can’t fit in a shower cap, after applying the warm oil, wrap your entire head of locs with Saran wrap. That will do the trick, as the warm oil penetrates each strand of lock and repair dry damaged hair.

Closing Back Your Hair Cuticle After a Hot Oil Treatment

During a hot oil treatment, the heat from the oil opens up the hair cuticle, allowing oils to penetrate deep into the layers of your locs. After doing your oil treatment, it is recommended that you close the cuticle by using cold water when rinsing. This also helps to control frizz that so many people complain about.

Natural Oils for Dreadlocks: Rules for Using Oils

Your dreadlocks, just like other types of hair, do need oil in order to maintain healthy scalp and hair. The big question that a lot of people ask is, “Should I oil my locs?” Although this may seem like a no-brainer question, you really should think deeply before putting oil in your locs. There is a right and a wrong way to apply oils, and there are certain oils that are more suitable for dreads.

Is There a Specific Way to Oil Your Dreadlocks?

This is a common question that a lot of people who have locs ask. When I just starting locking my hair, I had the same question, until I did some research. The answer is yes, there is a right and wrong way to oil it. Although natural oils are beneficial to your hair, they can also cause long-term damage as well.

Feed the Scalp With Natural Oils

Oils should be applied to your scalp. I try to oil my scalp at least every other day. I can already see the benefits of doing that. My hair is growing and it’s thicker too.

See my photo below. I spritz my mohawk style each night with my favorite oil and water, then tie it with a scarf.  This keep the style looking fresh and neat for at least a week. I love how the oils keep my hair soft and shiny.

Locs Mohawk Style
    My Locs Mohawk Style

I don’t put oil on my locs directly, except for when I mix it with water and use a spray bottle to spritz it. This keeps my hair soft and moisturized throughout the day. Now, there are specific oils that you should be using, such as natural oils for dreadlocks.

Natural Oils Recommended for Hydration of Locs

Remember that our locs are not like typical hair, so we can’t use the same oils that a person with perm hair or other type of hair would use. Natural oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil, are just some of the many oils that I would recommend you use to maintain a healthy crown of locs.

How to Apply Oils to Your Dreadlocks to Stimulate Hair Growth

Once again, oiling your dreads may not be as straightforward as you may think. After you have chosen one of the natural oils for your locs, there is a simple, but specific method how to apply it. Simply use an oil applicator bottle or just pour some oil in your hand, then sparingly apply some to your scalp.

Even Distribution of Oil on the Scalp

Separate each strand of loc and massage the oil onto the scalp. Massage the oil onto your scalp with your fingertips, using a circular motion, until all your scalp is completely oiled. I normally use the oil that’s left on my hands to rub on my dreads.

You want to avoid putting oils directly on your locs, as this will weigh them down and attract dirt and lint. The most important place for the oil to go, is the root, in this case, it’s your scalp. Then work your magic by gently massaging the oils into your scalp, which will stimulate the follicles, promoting faster hair-growth.