Protecting Your Locs During Water Activities

Dreadlocks Silicone Swim or Shower CapThe weather is beautiful outside for most people, and a lot of you might be doing more swimming or other water activities than usual. Protecting your locs while engaging in any water activities can be beneficial in more ways than one.

Keeping Your Dreads Dry When Swimming

If you have starter locs, you might not want to get them wet or if your hair is long, you may not want it to get wet either, since it takes long to dry. Not only that, you should consider the after effects of chlorine if it’s a swimming pool or the salt water if you’re at the beach.

Is Chlorine Bad for Your Dreads?

Use a dreadlocks swim cap to keep your hair from getting wet while you’re swimming. Swim as long as you want without worrying about how your hair is going to look after having fun in the water. The chlorine in the pools  can eventually weaken your hair if it’s not covered. Some people have even experienced hair loss, so the best thing to do is to keep it covered.

These caps are specially designed with enough space to tuck a good length of hair into it. Even if you don’t have dreadlocks, you can use it just the same, if you are wearing braids or you simply have long hair. They still do the job, which is preventing your hair from getting wet.

Can you imagine taking a swim at night or late evening, and having to wash  your hair out right after, then making sure that it’s dry before going to bed, when you could simply throw on one of these protective swim  caps.

Swimming Lessons With Locs

For those of you who are taking swimming lessons, the last thing you want to worry about or distract you, is a swim cap that keeps slipping off your head or is too tight. You want to choose a swim cap that is comfortable and not too tight, just tight enough to securely keep your locs in place.

Cover When You Shower

Going somewhere special with your locs styled nicely? Try a shower cap that covers your entire head of locs. You won’t have to worry about your hairstyle getting wet and smelling damp and musty. Choosing one that is also durable is another key factor when choosing shower caps for dreads.

My Crown of Dreadlocks: Stronger Roots

The more my dreadlocks grow, the more I’m adoring them. I’ve passed the 2 1/2 years mark and can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the years ahead. I’ve come a long way with them. How I achieved stronger roots has a lot to do with the products that I use and how consistent I am.

Does Older Locs Need Less Care?

At the moment they don’t need that much maintenance such as twisting like they used to need before.Washing my locs is much more fun than when they were in the baby stage “starter locs” since I don’t have to worry about re-twisting right away. I believe that keeping them clean and moisturizing them for ultimate hydration is critical to keeping your dreads soft, healthy, and strong.

Finding What Works for Your Dreadlocks

My hair care regimen includes a lot of different trial and errors until I found the things that works best for me, which can be found in my previous posts such as the Dry Locs: Summer Hair Care for Ultimate Moisture. You’ll never know what works for your dreads until you try. What can even be more rewarding is when you are able to share some of your tips with someone else who is growing locs.

Avoiding Thin, Weak Dreadlocks

One of the worst things that could happen to you while growing your dreadlocks, is if they start getting thinner, eventually resulting in breakage, especially from the roots. You can avoid this pitfall by not neglecting your hair. My advice is to create a daily hair-care routine, and stick to it.

Lazy People and Locs: Common Myth

Some people think that we just get locs to be lazy, but in fact, locs lovers tend to take even more care of our hair when it’s locked than when we had traditional hair. A majority of us are always researching and looking for ways to take care of our hair, in order to maintain its health and beauty. You being here on this page proves that this statement is true.

Learning as Your Locs Grow

The older my dreads get, the more I want to learn about taking the best care of them. If I see someone with long, beautiful locs, I usually strike up a conversation with them to find out some of their tips and tricks. That’s one way I can make researching easier.

I’ve learned so much information over the past 2 1/2 years, and it’s a pleasure sharing my knowledge with you. Keep checking back for more new tips and to follow my locs journey.


Effective Ways to Naturally Stimulate Your Hair Follicles for Faster Locs Growth

Stimulating your hair follicles can be as easy as massaging it with your fingertips or using a hair pick. This can be done while you are relaxing in-front of the TV or listening to some good music. That’s how simple it is. It only takes a few minutes each day to encourage your dreads to grow.

Miss the Feeling of a Comb?

If  you miss the feeling of the teeth of a comb on your scalp, you can still achieve that with the  use of a hair pick. Keep in mind that you have to buy the ones with the silver teeth, not the plastic teeth.

Using a Hair Pick for Dreadlocks Growth

The hair pick comb has been around forever. I remember seeing people using them to comb their Afro. I was doing some research, when I learned that it is also great for people with locs. Not only is the hair pick great for stimulating your scalp, but also to relieve yourself from itchy scalp, especially if you just styled your dreads and don’t want to mess them up.

The Correct Way to Use the Hair Pick

In order to get the best results from using your hair pick comb for your locs, you have to learn how to use it correctly. This is not like combing regular natural hair. You have to slide the teeth of the comb under your roots. Try slanting the comb when doing this, and it should slide through your roots effortlessly, especially if you have new growth.

Stimulating Your Scalp – Fingertips Technique

Another way to stimulate your follicles to promote the growth of your dreads, is to massage your scalp with your fingertips. This is also an easy method that can be done anytime. Hair growth isn’t the only benefit that you will get from this. You can also prevent a buildup of dead skin cells, as well as eliminating dry, itchy scalp, or dandruff. I massage my scalp every day after spritzing it with my water and oil mixture.

Shampoo Brush for Dreadlocks 

Keeping your scalp healthy is an important step towards getting your locs to your desired length. Use the specially designed dreadlocks shampoo brush for a thorough wash and massage. Using this regularly to clean your scalp, can remove buildup caused by dead skin cells, dirt, and grease, as well as promote locs growth.